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4 August 2012


Only one week left until the middle of August and it is about time for some rest! My summer holidays are approaching and I cannot stop dreaming about the islands, the sun and the never ending view of the Aegean Pelagos. So, let me introduce you to some great Greek architecture and more specific let's take a trip to the small island of Antiparos to meet the Greek architecture firm decaArchitecture. What is really breathtaking about this house is the beautiful stonewall that slopes to match the existing topography, 

the sleeper the slope the more the wall lens back to open to the sky

and the view of the pool which merges visually with the sea horizon. Anybody to join me?

photography: Yiorgos Kordakis and Mads Mogensen
interior design: Marilena Rizou
designed by decaArchitecture

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