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12 February 2012


Concrete love! Four amazing products, four talented designers. A coffee machine by Shmuel Linskithe Gayalux lamp by Xiral Segard, the fragrance series by Alexa Lixfeld and the USB flash drives by ShuChun Hsiao. I love to see how creative minds challenge themselves with this beautiful material. I love the elegant organic form of Xiral's lamp, the primitive and classy look of Alexa's fragrance, the contrast between the roughness of material and the delicate procedure of coffee making in Shmuel's Espresso Solo and last but not least the brilliant concept behind ShuChun Hsiao's gadget where the cemented usb drive tells the digital capacity by its weight. No more words. Enjoy what this beautiful material is capable of when great designers involve! 


Anastasia from Natbeesfashion said...

καλα ε φοβερα!!!Ειναι απιστευτοι οσοι τα κατασκευασαν, κυριως η μηχανη καφε!

Iro {Ivy style33} said...

Oh Dieux... brilliant findings!
Can't get over the usb stick. want!
Love the espresso machine, too.
The lamp & the fragrance bottles are also amazing.

You reminded me I have been for long wishing to play with concrete this Spring & find pottery classes to attend. That are good & affordable. Fingers crossed.

Thank's for bringing all these to light with your fabulous eye ;)

Love + hugs all the way to you ~

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