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27 January 2012


If you ask me who is my favorite Greek architect, I will undoubtedly answer Pantelis Nikolakopoulos. And I have always wanted to post something about his work.Once, I had the chance to attend one of his lectures organized by the Hellenic Institute of Architecture and I was lucky enough to meet him in person and be amazed by his personality and his talent as a lecturer as much as I am inspired by his work. Unfortunately he doesn't have a personal website, he doesn't give interviews, nor does he easily agree for his work to be published on the web. Therefore, it was quite difficult for me to find any image regarding his work. The only project available is the awarded one, the "Residence in N.Psychico". 

Just as amazing as the rest of his work, this two-storey family house is located in Athens, in an area not that far from the city center. The attention to detail is visible in every little corner of this project. Beautiful concrete structure and a brilliant first floor patio that protects the bedrooms from the adjacent house while allowing the southern sun to enter the residence. I wish I could find more images about it, but I hope you can have an idea about the work of this great Greek architect. 


polina said...

Amazing work! Thanks a lot for sharing!!

sidirom said...

I like it!
Plain concrete surfaces, so typical of the greek reality get an almost poetic dimention in this structure. I also love the contrast with the cypresses int the background.
Definitely your thing dear Katrin!


Great space!!xo

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