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17 December 2011


Danish, grew up in Sweden and now lives in London. Merete Rasmussen graduated from the Design School Kolding in 2005 and since then she has been experimenting with abstract -quite architectural, I would say- organic, ceramic forms in various colours and concepts. Her sculptures react with the environment just like buildings react with the space around them; forming edges and surfaces, framing views, creating volumes and voids. 

"I am interested in the idea of one continuous surface, with one connected edge or line running through the whole form. Clear, clean shapes; soft smooth curves in contrast to sharp edges; concave and convex surfaces; the discovery and strength of an inner/negative space". "The negative space - the shape of the space in between, is equally important", she says. 

If you want to see more of Merete's beautiful and unique art, you can visit her personal website


Anonymous said...

Amazing work! Great artist!


Karen said...

Wow amazing work, thank you for sharing.

pergamondo said...


DueAlberi said...

wow, this is incredibly beautiful! it doesn't seeem ceramic at all! very talented designer! thanks for sharing!

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