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14 December 2011


A beautiful apartment in Copenhagen, in the area of Christianshavn, with a charming artistic atmosphere. Bjorn Agertved and Maria Krogh moved in almost seven years ago and the decoration of their new home was a personal case. 

I love the neutral tones, the old wooden floor and the bright day light that enters the house through the large windows. A minimal, not overcrowded furnishing approach, with a gentle touch of colour and mid century modernism. What complements the whole scenery is Bjorn's art paintings. In full contrast with the white walls, I have the feeling that they not only enliven the space, but participate in the couple's life inside the house as they were pieces of furniture

photographs: Iben & Nils Ahlberg


Akamatra said...

The floor is marvelous! I really liked that part of the town when I visited Copenhagen, love the simple aesthetics too!

Dina said...

When can they hand the keys over? Seven years is enough, my turn!

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